Joey McIntyre and Debbie Gibson’s World Premiere of the Video “Lost In your Eyes”

On the afternoon of June 30, Joey McIntyre and Debbie Gibson announced the world premiere of their video “Lost In Your Eyes” at midnight EST / 9pm PST. While Joey McIntyre was enjoying with his family his last days in NYC, before leaving for good to their new home in Los Angeles, Debbie Gibson was preparing a pre-party to watch the premiere with the fans.

Debbie’s Kat World Premiere Party

Dressed in a cat outfit – because she was tired, had no made make up and that was “the only way to go” – Debbie Gibson began her live stream on Instagram ten minutes before the world premiere (EST Time) of the video “Lost In Your Eyes.”

Earlier she had posted, “So excited you guys …. It’s here ! ❤️ The official music video for “Lost In Your Eyes (The Duet)” with @joeymcintyre premieres tonight at midnight EST/ 9pm PST Join the live Premiere Party tonight on @youtube! (Link in story) Tune into @entertainmenttonight to catch an exclusive First Look at the video! Check your local listings. LostInYourEyesDuet ✨”

Debbie Gibson. June 30, 2021

The world premiere party was a chat on YouTube, at the video’s link; fans joined from Alaska, Brazil, Chile, New Jersey (NY), New Zealand; a world premiere indeed. A fan even mentioned he had been spraying Debbie Gibson’s “Electric Youth Perfume,” a floral fruity gourmand fragrance for women which was originally launched in 1989. Meanwhile, Debbie was also doing the live stream on Instagram.

Debbie Gibson and Joey Mcintyre are currently putting together their upcoming mini residence in Las Vegas, scheduled for August 26 – 29 and September 16 – 19. Gibson also mentioned in her live stream they’re going to have “Meet And Greets” in Las Vegas.

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Next week, Debbie Gibson is going to start shooting the movie “The Class” in Chicago, with Charlie Gillespie and Anthony Michael Hall. “The Class” is a teen-drama film, inspired by the 1985 classic “The Breakfast Club” in which Gibson will play a a high school acting teacher and mentor.

Lost In Your Eye’s Official Video

Debbie Gibson, during his live stream Kat Party, said about “Lost In Your Eyes. The Video”: “we had so much fun filming this video in Hollywood, California; and it just, I think, captures the spirit of mine and Joey’s magical partnership. It really started on the Mixtape Tour but now we’ve gotten to know each other even more.”

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About Joey McIntyre, she added, “he called me his pop soulmate, and I do feel like we are like just professionally and friendship wide just like, we are on the same page. It’s great; it’s amazing.”

Joey McIntyre and Debbie Gibson Live Stream: Press Day June 17, 2021 - Joey McIntyre streamed live from Debbie Gibson's car, in Los Angeles, to tell us about their day of press for their upcoming shows in Las Vegas.

During the countdown of the world premiere of “Lost In Your Eyes”, Debbie said, “we really wanted this video to capture our vibe, the performance, the warmth; it’s simple, and we wanted you guys to able to relive your memories on the Mixtape Tour as well.”

The video was directed and edited by Patrick Anthony (IG/patrickanthonydp) who also worked on Joey McIntyre’s video “Own This Town.” The song was produced by Sean Thomas (IG/followseanthomas) and DG.

Debbie Gibson’s announcement on Instagram

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Joey McIntyre With His Family Sailing

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