Joey McIntyre: “I got flashed tonight at the MixTapeTour”

The ladies in Ohio seem to have figured out how to make Joey tweet more often… Of course, time, gravity and nature – in most cases – will have to be taken under strict consideration before trying out this strategy.

Joey tweeted after the concert in Columbus (OH), “I got flashed tonight at the #MixTapeTour. It was worth mentioning.” Consequently, a Q&A session took place in Twitterland:

Cheri: “Bahahahaha! I mean….that’s not funny. …it’s a little funny. Were they nice at least?”

Joe: “Let’s just say if I had them, I’d have flashed them too.”

Candy Girl: “Let’s just say I’m glad it wasn’t me, too much and gravity+ age= I need a forklift to raise em ????”

Joe: “She was a good 15 years younger than most of us.”

Beth: “So gravity probably hasn’t hit yet, lol! ????????”

Joe: “Not a bit.”

Jaime: “Were they real though? That’s the million dollar question. ????????”

Joe: “100%”

You may wonder, “Was he that close?”, “Did he look at them that carefully?” Who cares. (Yes, he was; yes, he did) You may also wonder, “Where is the video?” Unsubscribe.

That being said, all that’s left to consider is, how do we feel about this… episode? Personally, I’d say to these young ladies, “Honey, sweetie…, the Mixtape Tour isn’t over yet and we are already thinking about the cruise next year; we ain’t got time nor money for a last-minute boob job, and there are a lot of husbands that won’t be as happy as they are right now, if wives begin pulling out that sexy lingerie they have hidden for that special occasion (once a year, probably for the hubby’s b-day), before going to an NKOTB concert.”

Jokes aside, many Blockheads are writing on social media about the fact that we’ve come a long way to build a family where couples go to the cruises, and couples and parents go to concerts with their children! It’s fun to see the New Kids showing some skin “on stage”… it’s the game we play; but the 80s babies, those with the heart-shaped signs “off stage”, those who are celebrating their first concert with their daughters, celebrating “life” dancing all night along, even being cancer free! … Those 80s babies… they-stay-classy.

There is a place and time for everything.

Therefore, my beloved Blockheads 15 years younger than most of us: the next time you feel like flashing a New Kid, please do it at a Meet and Greet so Marcello can take a nice quality shot, post it on Instagram… and so, we won’t have to waste our precious time looking for the freaking video on Facebook.

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