Joey McIntyre on Frosted Tips With Lance Bass

And so, on June 19, Lance Bass has officially scored four out of the five New Kids On the Block members on his podcast, with his latest interview to Joey McIntyre.

NKOTB without Joey McIntyre?! It almost happened! Find out why (thankfully) didn’t happen! Plus, what was it like being the youngest member of a boy band? This and so much more!

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(*) Clips shared by Joey McIntyre on his Instagram Stories, and by @FrostedTipsWithLance on Instagram. There isn’t a full video of the interview

Joey McIntyre is going to perform tonight in Dublin, in the first of four performances in Europe, before going back to the States and join the New Kids On The Block to perform in California at the Yaamava’ Theater on June 29 and 30th.

The “Solo Joe Summer Tour 2023” (US leg) kicks off on July 7 in San Antonio, Texas. Tickets are still available!