Joey McIntyre: Full Blonde Or Not

For the past few years, Joey McIntyre has been sharing his changes of hairstyles, and this time we had the chance to share our opinion by casting out vote. However…

Joey’s Hairstyles Over the Past Few Years

In 2017, without giving any notice by the way, he showed up on Instagram with a “side parted with short wavy hair” hairstyle… or is it “Mid Fade with Brushed Back Hair”? (I actually looked up for men’s hairstyles, but all I saw was different men with the same haircut🤷🏻‍♀️)

Joey McIntyre and Barrett’s trip to Gloucester (MA) - With a new haircut, and looking as handsome as usual, Joey took Barrett to the Gloucester Harbor

In 2019, for his birthday, he treated himself with a coloring at Rita Hazan.

Watch! Joey McIntyre Gets a New Look at Rita Hazan in NYC, on His Birthday - Walking down the Central Park, looking like a New Yorker! Joey went Live on Instagram, to show us the before and after his brand new look.

During the quarantine, in 2020, and also for his birthday, he mentioned he was going to take care of his haircut by himself… and it turned out pretty well…

But now, he’s wondering about changing the color of his hair again.

Now, Full Blonde or Not?

Getting a new color might have to do with he fact that he’s about to do a theater play; back in 2019, during the rehearsals of “Twelfth Night” he was told that a new coloring would help the hair pop in the stage; and so, he got highlights.

These days it seems he wants to go a little bit further than that, and go full blond instead. He asked for our votes on his IG stories (I voted “yesss”) and… apparently, the majority will loose. 🥴

Check out what he said

Where Is Joey McIntyre Today?

Joey McIntyre kicked off his “Solo Joe Summer Tour 2023” (US leg) on July 7 in San Antonio, Texas.

Previously, Joey McIntyre performed in Europe on June 19 (Ireland), June 21 (Germany) and June 23 & 24 in London (UK). On June 29 and 30, he joined the New Kids On The Block to perform in California at the Yaamava’ Theater.

Tickets for the “Solo Joe Summer Tour 2023” are still available!