Joey McIntyre and His Family Celebrating Griffin’s 13th B-day

Back on his bike – scenario on wheels of redemption songs, sightseeing and touring around the US – Joey now reflects on having become the father of a teenager. He says,

“Today, I am the father of a teenager; just to add a little cherry to twenty twenty.” 

— Joey McIntyre, IG Stories, Nov 20, 2020

That’s right! It seems it was yesterday when we first began seeing Griffin on stage, singing tonight with his dad wearing headphones bigger than his cute little head; but now he’s a teenager, one on his way to make his debut as an actor in a Netflix series 

To celebrate it, the Macs went to “We Are Happy Place” – from the brilliant mind of Jared Paul –  which Joey visited before with Kira back in 2018 (And do you recall the New Kids being there during the Mixtape Tour?)

Anyways… Happy days, happy place, happy thoughts!

All our love and best wishes to this young man who’s making his own fanbase already. Enjoy the video!