The Macs on St. Patrick’s Day

Joey McIntyre is back in the studio recording; Griffin is giving interviews for his upcoming show on Netflix Country Comfort; but when it’s St. Patrick’s Day, an Irish family makes a pause. Joe shared his whole day on his Instagram stories, including drawings of her daughter Kira.

Joey McIntyre Feeling Like A (Irish) Person

He began the day with a selfie with the caption “a (Irish) person;” And why is that? Joey spent some rough days over the past months, and he’s been posting selfies saying he now feels “like a person.” Good thing he can do it only with a nice outfit; when I complain about having to take my ADHD meds, I tell my dad, “I hate having to take these to perform like a human!” He laughs… (he’s my biggest my fan ☺️)

A Daughter: The Pride of a Father

Of course Joey is Kira’s biggest fan too ☺️… Kira, joey says, “does these amazing characters. And fast. And names them right away without thinking and they are always perfect.” And he continues, “I know that I’m her dad and I’m biased but they are unique and divine and I can’t get enough of them.”

“Unique and divine”… If all the parents would refer to their children’s work, creativity and expression, how different the world would be? Don’t you think?

Mr. Miyagui Wouldn’t Be So Proud Though…

Did you catch Cobra Kai on Netflix? For a couple of years, I avoided watching the show – without knowing what it was about – because somehow “Cobra Kai” brought me bad memories and I couldn’t tell why. Funny how are our brain works… After decades of having watched “Karate Kid,” there was still a file in my brain saying, “Mr. Miyagui good; Cobra Kai, bad.”

But! The show is amazing. It’s a sequel to the firsts Karate Kid movies (but in a series instead) that follows Johnny (played by William Zabka) and Daniel (played by, you know, Ralph Maccio) now grown up but still holding a little bit of a grouch. It’s funny, the script is hilarious and very touching if you take a moment to reflect on Johnny and Daniel’s lives… Give it a try!

Anyways, on St. Patrick’s day, Joey posted a selfie wondering if he could be called “Cobra ShamrockKai;” I’d go for McShamrock Kai… (with the blessing of Mr. Miyagui.. ?? RIP)

Family Dinner

For dinner, Rhys and Barrett “baked to perfection” Katherine’s Irish bread; they also had corned beef and cabbage, all wrapped up by Mimi (Joey’s mother in Law). This time, for the family pic, Joey didn’t have to erase any finger with Photoshop ?

Fun Fact: On easter 2019, Joey had to erase a little finger Rhys have had shown for the picture. In case you don’t remember it, here it is!

“Thx to our Mimi for a wonderful Seder last night- Now on to the egg hunt!!! #happyeaster #happypassover  #happyspring  (Speaking of “Easter eggs”- spot the photoshop and guess why)”
Joey McIntyre, Apr 21, 2019