Joey McIntyre as Guest Host on Debbie Gibson’s “Mixtape” Show on Sirius XM

If Debbie Gibson haven’t won your heart back in the 80’s (who are you?!), she certainly did it during NKOTB’s “Mixtape Tour” in 2019 when she performed her song “Lost in Your Eyes” as a duet with our very own Joey McIntyre.

The Mixtape Tour kicked off on May 2, but a few days before – on April 26 – Debbie started playing her own Mixtape: a biweekly radio show on Sirius XM The Blend Channel. Back then, she announced the news on Instagram saying, “Each show will feature a new theme and I will curate an hour of music centered around that theme.”

Debbie and Joey strengthened their friendship during the tour; they shared with us their love and admiration for each other and now, they are doing it again. 

Today (at 6PM EST), Joe will step in for Debbie as a host on her show, and he said he is “Gonna be playing some uplifting jams; cuz, don’t we need them??!”

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