Joey McIntyre: Live Chat + Hang

On Friday, Joey made a poll on Instagram to ask us what would be the best time for a “Joe Mac Zoom Hang” next weekend; the options were: a) Friday night; b) Saturday noon; c) Sunday noon.

Did you miss it? Watch it now!

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BHs have spoken and, as Joey says, “apparently you wanna have a cocktail instead of your coffee with me.” 

We’re gonna hang out, talk about some music and “very special friends” are going to help with the fun. Watch the clip, and then check out how you can participate, when and where to watch.

How Can You Participate?

We’re going to talk about music and Joey wants to hear directly from you! So, give him some music leaning question and he’ll try to pop you on the stream! The question can be regarding music from the past, present or future.

Send your question to

When Is This Going to Happen?

The date is on October, Friday 9. 6PM LA / 9PM NY.

Click on this Time Zone Converter to check your time

Where Can We Watch It?

Here! On NKOTB’s YouTube Channel