Joey McIntyre, in Concert: “Thanksgiving Is Coming”

To celebrate this Thanksgiving day, Joey shared on Instagram an old performance saying,

Been singing this song since I was a babe. We all sing it in my dads car. All 9 of us in a big fat Buick with no seatsbelts. But I digress…#happythanksgivng everybody!

— Joey McIntyre, Nov 25, 2020

Last year, Joey was in New York – working side by side with God’s Love We Deliver – bringing meals to people who were living with severe illnesses; and he gave us an urban cowboy version of this song, “Thanksgiving is Coming,” from the streets of Manhattan.

In 2017, Jenny McCarthy was cooking dinner while Donnie was being kept away from the kitchen ????, in a world that seems so far from the one we’re living in today…

This one is a very special thanksgiving; one when, more than ever, we are #thankful for our families and health, and the love we share.