Watch! Joey McIntyre Talked to Jordan Knight About His Experience With Invisalign Aligners (Streamed Live)

After two and a half days of getting aligners, Joey was about to lose his mind with Invisalign. He called the orthodontist, and as he was waiting for the callback he texted a friend: Jordan Knight.

Did we know Jordan Knight used Invisalign? Oops. “Cat’s out of the bag, ‘cos we’re live.” He does have a perfect smile, doesn’t he?

Jordan Knight, Mixtape Tour, Boston (MA) June 29, 2019

Jordan told Joey the first week he was crazy, but that it gets better, and after Joey complained a little bit more, Jordan told him, “It gets better, trust me.” Still, Joey is asking for prayers because the aligners are making him “uptight.”

During his live video, someone wrote to Joey, “Man up,” and he replied, “Man up to me is like, you know, lose a leg or take a shot in the eye or something like that (…) I might have to woman up, then I can handle it. Man up? Not so much.”

Don’t you just love him a little bit more????? Watch!