Joey McIntyre at “Live at Five”

Joey was live on Facebook at, doing a complete overview of his Broadway career, talking about Waitress the Musical and an NKOTB Broadway musical.

Theater is in Joey’s heart and being part of the New Kids On the Block didn’t necessarily put on hold his dream of being on stage as an actor. While living in LA for fifteen years, he stayed active in different ways; the last play he was part of in California was “Funny Thing Happened On The Way to the Forum” (Nov 22- Dec 10, 2017), and more recently – from Apr 24-29, 2018- he played the Emcee of “Cabaret”, in Anchorage, Alaska.

After moving to NYC, Joey jumped into a workshop and even a play reading; as to joining the cast of Waitress the Musical, his first audition was schedule for the past September, but when the time arrived he postponed it since his father had passed away two days before; however, he kept working on it, on the music over the summer, until he finally had his opening night on February 4th.

Regarding the development of Dr. Pomatter’s character, Joey says, “It took me a second; I usually do stuff that’s a little bit more …, I mean I guess my Boston roots have served me well in the acting stuff that I’ve done; this guy is from Connecticut, he is a doctor, he is a little bit more buttoned up, he is nervous, and I just wanted to do it authentically, I didn’t want to go out there and be a goofball.”

In this interview, Joey also mentions “The Kid”, a one man show he did in Denver (back in 2013) and one of his funny lines, “You’re looking at the Best Replacement on, which is this close to a Tony.”

Joey McIntyre on show “Live at Five” (Mar 4, 2019)

Joey will be playing Dr. Pomatter on Waitress the Musical, from Feb 4thto Apr 7th, 2019. Get your tickets now!>>