Joey McIntyre Live From the Brooklyn Bridge Park

Who needs a community manager when you have a content creator such us Joey McIntyre?

This Sunday, after having meditated (and shared it on his Instagram Stories) Joey was still so blown away by the landscape of the park he was at, that he went live to show it to us and have fun with the interactive features.

He was at the Pier 3, of the Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is final one that has been converted to parkland and opened in 2018.

About the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 3

The park has a large central lawn protected from the wind and sun by groves of shrubs and trees, which is its most prominent feature. It also has an exploratory labyrinth with interactive features along the north side of the Pier.

As we can see on Joey’s live stream, there are a lot of cool places to chill, eat, play and enjoy the outdoors with the view of lower Manhattan. There are some rules though! If you’d like to visit it, check out its website for more information.

Joey McIntyre Meditating at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 3

Joey McIntyre Live from the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 3