Joey McIntyre Live (Part 1) A Big Mac With Joe Mac, And Cynthia

“It’s time like this that a little comfort food comes a long way, folks,” says Joey sitting in his car enjoying a Big Mac. The day before, he flew with his family (all five of them) to LA because Griffin needed to get back to working on the pilot he is shooting.

It’s been a long, long time since Joey chatted with the fans; so he chose to do it while he was enjoying his lunch as “a little break from the craziness.”

In this first part, he talked to Cynthia – from New York – who works in a restaurant; she says she still has a job but doesn’t know for how long, because “it’s dead;” a lot of activities have been suspended by the government (including Broadway). She also mentions the panic she is witnessing in people and that she couldn’t even find toilette paper in Target.

Joey says he feels better in LA than in New York, because his family know more people there, they have a bigger network; still, the groceries stores – he says – “are getting a little bit crazy.”

Joey and Cynthia also talked about NKOTBSB in Indonesia and visiting the Blue Bloods set.