Joey McIntyre: Live, Shirtless, With a Puppy

On his last night in Cape Cod, Joey shared the last solitaire game of his summer vacation, talking about life, his kids and introducing Roxy.

Playing solitaire is what “got him though the tour with more serenity”, Joey says, while he places the cards to start playing and reflecting about this summer vacation.

He got to spend a whole week alone with Rhys, a couple of days with Griffin, and it was a chance to get to know them better. “When you have three kids and you get some one on one time, it’s epically important, ‘cos you instantly remember how special each kid is,” he says. During this summer, he had to teach Rhys the word “areola” and he also had to have “the talk” with him. Kids are growing!

In one his cutest (and sexiest, c’mon!) live videos, Joey talks about Roxy and being afraid that someone may rob her, how his wife pinches her sides instead of “knocking on wood” and playing golf with Griffin and Rhys. He also mentions the lemonade stand the little Macs set up (raising 125 dollars!) and how they know Alexis’ story (Alexis Lemonade Stand) “What a huge legacy to live and a huge lesson to teach kids”, he reflects.

Now he’s getting back to New York, with “a few things in mind” and he’s ready to tell us: “I hope you will continue to support me, and come up and have some fun; and we can enjoy ourselves and let go for a little while… or hang on, either way.”