Joey McIntyre on LockDown: Shopping online and Family Time

After having had a Big Mac while chatting with fans, Joey is still concerned about how the coronavirus quarantine is going to impact on his weight and his liver.

On Saturday he found a swimsuit on Instagram he’d like to purchase and wrote, “I want a pair of these. This is also how my waist line will look by the time we thru this damn pandemic.” Later, he added with a selfie, “The last post was more than a little obnoxious, but it was my way of showing my vulnerability in this weird time.” The next day, he shared the photo of a completely empty Starbucks.????

On Sunday, he spent the afternoon reading with the whole family; Barrett and all the kids were silently enjoying their books and he feared, “Not sure how long this will last.” At night, he made one last licor run, but everything was closed; he said, “That was kind of my last wish, that the restaurants would stay opened.”