Joe Mac on the Lucky 3000 Bravehearts. Could You Be One Of Them?

Back in 2009, Joey McIntyre released something very special, which is making him consider what he was thinking: 3000 guaranteed hugs… And there might be one available…

joey mcintyre mac pac 3000

According to his Instagram Story, Joey was doing some spring cleaning and reorganizing, when he came across the Mac Pac 3000 Kit:

The Mac Pac 3000 was presented in a messenger bag made of 600 polyester, with PVC lining and adjustable shoulder straps. And it included:

  • Joey McIntyre’s album “Here We Go Again” (not available in stores at the time)
  • Bonus CD of the classic standards, “Talk To Me”
  • An authenically Autographed, never before seen 8 x 10 Photo of Joey Mclntyre, one of Joey’s favorite tour photos from the previous year
  • A special letter
  • A Mac Pac Lifetime Membership card (Numbered 1-3000). This card entitles a BraveHeart to one genuinely meaningful hug every time they see Joe plus lifetime of privileges in all things JM.

Apparently, many of the lucky 3,000 made it to the Joe Solo Summer Tour 2023, because Joey wrote on his post, “Still asking myself, what the hell was I thinking… Folks been pulling those out like our dolls lately.”

joey mcintyre mac pac 3000

And also apparently, there is a bid on one Mac Pac Kit 3000 at WorthPoint, “the largest – according to the website – online resource for researching, valuing, and preserving antiques, art, and collectibles.”

The item is at WorthPoint offers three types of memberships and a 7-day free trial.