Helping Joey McIntyre Help “Meals On Wheels”

If you’re wondering what happened yesterday with the tweets Joey McIntyre shared, here’s a post meant only to explain that; take it as what Juliana (@Ju_Apolonio) may call a “Joe Mac Translation”… which I haven’t done for while ?

Basically, there was an auction hosted by the 12th Annual St. Petersburg Classic Regatta benefiting “Neighborly Meals on Wheels Pinellas”, one of the charities Joey is very committed to.

Joey contributed with tickets and backstage passes for his show with Debbie Gibson in Las Vegas (and there was also an item of BHBC merch); but, he was provided with the wrong link, one from someone else’s account (Cristina).

Get Your Bike and Join Joe Mac! March 9, 2021 - Joey McIntyre is back on his bike, and there's even a team you can join for a great cause

Many BHs, as you’ll see in response to Joey’s tweets, helped him and everybody else explaining how to enter the auction which – by the way – ended almost in a blink of an eye.

And this are great news! Because the BHBC merchandise was sold for $527 and Joey’s show in Vegas for $2,600!

Another great news is that we can still help this cause! Check out their website at to learn more about it. You can also follow their updates on Twitter @Neighborly_Care or Facebook/neighborlyseniorcare.?

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