Watch! Joey McIntyre an On Line Event of Medical Mysteries

Tonight! You cannot miss this free event with Joey McIntyre.

Watch the program

In the promo video for the event, Joey asks you to join him for:

“an intriguing alternate to Sense-ation, the gala. Take the night
off from Netflix and watch this fascinating Mass Eye and Ear online special: Medical Mysteries: Sense-ational Results. Watch how scientists are finding clues and unraveling mysteries once considered unsolvable. Plus, let’s see how you do in identifying Mass Eye and Ear’s mystery celebrities. (…). Missing it would be a crime.”

Event details: 7PM EST

Registration is closed

After you register, for “Medical Mysteries, Sense-ational Results!” Information on how to view the program will be emailed to you prior to October 26, and will also be made available on

Watch Medical Mysteries, Sense-ational Results!

If you don’t see the video below, watch it on Vimeo