Joey McIntyre: “How Blessed Can Five Guys Get”

During the first concert in Boston, Joey gave his most emotional performance of Please Don’t Go Girl. Check out what he said on and off stage.

He had had an emotional afternoon, biking in Jamaica Plain and visiting the house where he grew up, sharing memories about his childhood and his parents, specially his dad who passed away last November. He teared up a little bit, recalling his father saying, “smell that honeysuckle…” But then at night, down on his knees, he broke into tears and addressed the crowd, “Boston, I didn’t think this was gonna happen, all this stuff happening right here”, said pointing at his tears, “but I’ve been singing this song for thirty years (…) so many feelings and emotions…”

You Tube / Kristen Roy

After the show, he posted on Instagram a photo taken by Marcello Ambriz and wrote: 

Joey McIntyre, Mixtape Tour, Boston (MA) June 28, 2019

Photography by Marcello Ambriz @joeymcintyre

“I had to step away tonight after Please Don’t Go, Girl… This town, that song, and my dad’s passing this past November was all too much and I couldn’t control the emotions.

He was our biggest fan and knew from the get go that we were “a force for good”.

I feel like I’ve had a special healthy relationship with his passing.

Thing is the body and spirit have the last word. So being in this building with my family- and at this point we are ALL family- I couldn’t control the water works.

When I could finally get the words out tonight, I asked “How blessed can 5 guys get?” Been saying that my dad is still always with me, but tonight there was a little dose of reality. For a moment, he wasn’t there. And I felt it.Thank you to all who allow me to feel the feelings and walk with me through the magical mystical journey. “How sweet it is.” And thank you to @mjambriz for capturing probably the sweetest road pic I’ve ever been a part of.”

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