Joey McIntyre in Denver, Reminiscing About “The Kid”

Joey streamed live from Denver, biking in the morning; and, later, reminiscing about “the Kid” at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

Do you remember “The Kid,” that one man show Joey played in 2013, at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts? Written with Christine Boylan, directed by Eli Gonda and with the musical direction of someone we know, the one and only Rob Lewis, Joey took the audience throughout his life – from Boston to the New Kids era – focusing on the concept of family.

Back then, Joey wrote a blog (with three entries) about doing this play; and, recently, in an interview at “Live at Five”, he mentioned that one of his funniest lines was, “You’re looking at the Best Replacement on, which is this close to a Tony.” 😀

The Mixtape Tour will end on July 14… and Joey is now living in NYC, closer to Broadway than ever! Do you think it’s time for him to work on this play again?