Joey McIntyre and Nick Carter Back and Forward on Twitter Over the Super Bowl

On Sunday, Joey retweeted a post from Nick celebrating the victory of the Buccaneers and their ticket to the Super Bowl. Let’s recall it in case you missed the latest NKOTB Weekly.

Nick posted the following clip on Twitter…

and Joey retweeted it adding,

Ya know, Nick, @nkotb have a lot of sway in Boston and we had to sign off on this whole thing. You’re welcome. When the #GOAT wins number 7, I expect a shipment of crawfish or whatever #Tampa is famous for. Enjoy!! #GoBucs

@JoeyMcIntyre, Jan 24, 2021

We dropped the mic for Joey on the NKOTB Weekly, but… he didn’t have the last word.

Pause And Quick Recap: What’s the Deal With the GOAT and the Number 7?

You know, the first time I heard about the “GOAT” was on “The Ellen Show;” Ellen Degeneres was fangirling about some “goat” and I thought, “well, she went bad shit crazy.”

Being originally from Argentina, I’m a football (soccer) fan – like many Blockheads from Latin America and Europe-; so I had no idea that G.O.A.T stood for “Greatest Of All Times,” a term that had been coined for Tom Brady, an American Football player who was the quarterback for the New England Patriots from 2000 to 2019; two decades!

Now, you know the Patriots are from Boston and that are boys our huge fans, right?

Joey Mcintyre and son Griffin, watching the New Englands Patriots Game. Jan 23, 2015

(Yes… “Awww ????”) Moving on now… On January 2020, while the New Kids On The Block were promoting the Fenway Park concert, they gave many interviews to sports’ radio stations and wouldn’t stop talking about the allegedly – at the time – departure of Tom Brady from the team.

Jordan Knight, on WBZ News Radio 103.0, even said, “Why would he go somewhere else?” But, he did. Tom left the Patriots, joined the Buccaneers and our boys were left heartbroken.

The New England Patriots won six (6) Super Bowls with Tom Brady, so that’s why Joey tweeted to Nick, “When the #GOAT wins number 7…”

Let’s Carry On

The same night Joey Mcintyre retweeted Nick Carter’s post, Nick replied to Joey,

“Well since you’re asking. I will send all my bro’s in @nkotb a basket full of crabcakes, smoked mullet and some cigars that @TomBrady from #arturofuente will smoke when we beat the @Chiefs and let @kevinrichardson know that we are coming for him #TomBrady.”

— @NickCarter, Jan 25, 2021

And Joey answered on Wednesday night,

“I love it when a plan comes together ????????????????”

— @JoeyMcIntyre, Jan 27, 2021

The Buccaneers will play the Super Bowl vs the “Kansas City Chiefs” on February 7, 2021… So, we can expect more sport tweets, but we’ll know what they’ll be talking about. (You’re welcome; “De nada.”)

Now, can we talk about NKOTB World Tour?!?

Oh, wait… One last thing… On a day like yesterday – January 27 – in 1991, the New Kids On The Block performed at the Half Time of the Super Bowl… So, “Take That, BSB!” ????????