Joey, “Donnie And Friends”, to Perform at Cape Code Melody Tent

It is one of those times when we know, but we pretend we don’t. And then when “the thing” happens, we are shocked as if we hadn’t had a single clue.

You gotta love a BHs brain… and Joey, “Donnie and Friends” for what they are about to do.

Donnie Wahlberg made a guest appearance on Joey’s show in Evanston (IL), and after the show they both appeared on Donnie Wahlberg’s Instagram Stories talking about how much they enjoyed performing as “Mac and Cheese.”

They got to talking about doing the same at Joey’s upcoming concert on August 4th – at the Cape Code Melody Tent – but Donnie appeared to have been a little bit sad about leaving behind some friends out of the fun. So he asked, “Can I bring some friends?”

But, you better watch the whole thing

Donnie Wahlberg, Instagram Stories, July 24, 2023

Event Info

Date & Place: August 4th, 2023 @ 8PM. Cape Cod “Melody Tent.” 41 W Main St, Hyannis, MA 02601, United States

Doors open @ 7PM.

This event went on sale May 6 @ 10am EST.

Rush to get your ticket!

Donnie Wahlberg’s Guest Appearance, on Joey’s Show in Evanston (IL)

Donnie Wahlberg, Instagram Stories, July 24, 2023