NYC Tulips, by Joe Mac… And the Legend of Farhad and Shirin

Check out this collection of photos of NYC tulips, by Joey McIntyre, and learn more about the symbol of this beautiful flower.

“Perfect love” That’s what most people say tulips represent; but why? There is Turkish legend that says that a man – Farhad – wanted to marry a woman – Shirin -, but they weren’t allowed to do so; in a spin of Romeo and Juliet, when Farhad heard that Shirin was dead, he killed himself, jumping from a cliff, where tulips blossomed from the blood.

Now, some say Farhad was a prince, Shirin was a maiden, and that “a scarlet tulip sprang up from each droplet of his blood, giving the red tulip the meaning ‘perfect love’” Others say that Shirin was a princess and Farhad was a stonemason; since her father was against their marriage, he let Farhad know that Shirin was dead… which was a lie, of course; an so, “Overcome by grief, Farhad took his own life. (…) once Shirin heard this news, she ran off to find him. Upon discovering his body, she too killed herself, and as their blood pooled together, it formed the tulip.” 

What do we say? (please, join the “we”) We say they are just gorgeous flowers! (made by evolution!) and that they are even prettier when Joe Mac is among them 🙂 Still, don’t you love to learn about these stories?

Joey began sharing photos of tulips, the day he told as about the Vision Walk in the Central Park, when we saw all the Macs among tulips. Now we have a full gallery of Tulips by Joe Mac, to use as wallpapers on our mobiles phones! (That is, of course, until the “Tour bods photos” from the Mixtape Tour begin to flow)

You know the drill! Click on any image to enter the gallery

Yes, Kira is here too. We can guess is Joey’s “perfect love” 🙂