Joey McIntyre on Backstreet Boys Radio

Do the Backstreet Boys have a radio show now? Yes, they do! These guys just won’t stop coming up with the greatest ideas to keep performing and stay in touch with their fans.

Over the past few years, they did a Vegas Residency (80 shows, from 2017-2019) and they released a new album, “DNA” (2019). With their DNA World Tour (scheduled for 2019-2021) they got to perform until March of 2020, when the pandemic locked us home ???? But let stick to the good news!

On All I Have to Give Radio (on Apple Music), AJ, Kevin, Howie, Brian, and Nick get up close and personal with fans by answering questions, trading fond memories, and sharing what they’re up to next. And they also have guests!

So far they’ve released five episodes (with Jon Secada as guest on the second episode) and on the fifth one is when get to hear our beloved Joey McIntyre. How cool is this! Wanna listen to it? Hit it!