Joey McIntyre Stars on Independent Film “On Broadway”

Joey McIntyre premiered the movie “On Broadway,” at the Boston Independent Film Festival.

The film is about a Boston carpenter – Jack O’Toole, played by Joey McIntyre – who after the death of his uncle feels inspired to write a play. After accepting that nobody will produce it, he quits his job to produce it himself and during the process he brings his friends and family together.

Directed by: Dave McLaughlin
Produced by: Charlie Harrington; Donna Bertolon; Lance Greene; Kris Meyer
Written by: Dave McLaughlin (story & screenplay)
Starring: Joey McIntyre; Eliza Dushku; Mike O’Malley; Sean Lawlor; Will Arnett; Amy Poehler; Lance Greene; Robert Wahlberg.

Watch “On Broadway” on YouTube

(*) Full film is available in 480p