Joey McIntyre on His Son Rhys Answering “The Call to the Torah”

What a wonderful thing is when two parents with different religions, give their children the option and support to choose (or not) their own path to God.

That is what Joey McIntyre and wife Barrett Williams have done for Griffin, Rhys and Kira. And today Joey shared the news that Rhys has answered the call to the Torah.

Joe posted on Instagram,

“This past year has been so full of joy. And no day was more joyous than when Rhys became a #BarMitzvah. I can not articulate how impressed and inspired I am by Rhys’s answering the call to the Torah.”

He continued,

“He was so focused and engaged. There was never any doubt that this was something he was going to do. He studied vigorously and it showed on his special day. In short, the kid’s got chutzpah.”

Joey McIntyre (Irish catholic) and Barrett Williams (jewish) married on Aug. 09, 2003. They have three children: Griffin Thomas (Nov 20, 2007), Rhys Edward (Dec 13, 2009) and Kira Katherine (May 31, 2011)

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Despite his catholic roots, Joe’s family was opened to find God and guidance in another religion. He wrote,

“My catholic father had many a saying, one of them was “do you have a rabbi?”. He would ask that when he saw that I was stuck and needed some guidance. Rhys has many rabbis now. I’m so thrilled that he has a star to steer him. A culture a tradition a people to share this magical journey we are on.”

Griffin and Kira looked very proud of their brother during the ceremony.

Joey finished his Instagram post writing, “I wish him and all my Jewish friends and family- especially my wife Barrett who is the greatest “rabbi” of them all- a very happy new year and g’mar chatima tovah!! #yomkippur (He’s also fasting today for the first time- wish him well!!)”