Joey McIntyre is Going to Have His Own TV Show! The Joe Mac Project

“The Joe Mac Project” is a working title, but the plot is in the books., among its breaking news, announced that Pop TV (TVGN’s rebrand, which started with “Rock This Boat”) is working on three projects, one of which has Joey McIntyre as the star.

“THE JOEY McINTYRE PROJECT is a half-hour comedy featuring Joey McIntyre as a fictionalized version of himself. The show catches up with Joey in an attempt to branch out from his New Kids on the Block fame and continue towards his goal of becoming a serious actor. Joey is given the offer to host his own daily talk show at an up-and-coming cable network, something he’s not sure is the right move. Finally relenting, Joey finds that he must navigate the absurd behind-the-scenes world of talk show development as he interacts with a revolving staff, crazed network executives and celebrity guests—and balance all of that with his own hectic family life. THE JOEY MCINTYRE PROJECT is produced by T Group Productions and executive produced by Donnie Wahlberg, Jenny McCarthy, Joey McIntyre, Jenny Daly, Paul Greenberg and Tim Gibbons.”, Dec 3, 2015