Joey McIntyre Pays Tribute to Matthew Perry With An Original Song

Last Sunday, we woke up to the news that Matthew Perry had passed away the night before.

He was the joker among the “Friends” we grew up with, a talented actor, a wonderful human being. And he had a troubled soul…

After a lifetime of battling with addiction, he was doing better. So good, actually. Last year on November, his autobiography was published, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing: A Memoir,” and we saw him on countless interviews talking about it.

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He was doing great. And then… Well, many would say he is finally at peace. (I would)

Today Joey McIntyre paid tribute to Matthew with an original song. In his Instagram post, Joey wrote,

“For Matty. A lot of the music I’m writing lately is very much about survival to recovery. And showing up through it all- and that is what I see in Matthew Perry. A guy who kept showing up because he really wanted to help people get through what he experienced. What a heart. Doesn’t matter how smart or clever or brilliant you are when it comes to recovery, but he was all of those things. And in the end, offered up a ton of heart felt wisdom for the rest of us. Thank you, sir. This one’s for you. #miracle.”

Joe also shared his post in his Instagram Stories, where he added more thoughts.

This is “Miracle”, by Joey McIntyre (See lyrics below)

Miracle, by Joey McIntyre. Lyrics

Here you are now,

standing in the rain.

You’d do anything

to kill the pain.

You’re asking me how the hell did I get here.

After all I’ve done,

does anybody care.

Now, I ain’t got no alibis

but since you asked me why,

I’ll tell you why I’m standing here.


I don’t pray for a sunny day

when the rain comes.

It’s the rain that makes us grow.

Find balance in dark times

when the stars shine,

and point me where I need to go.

Life is full of mistakes

so make another mistake,

maybe the next one you make

will be the one that will finally break you.

And just keep baring your soul.

Maybe even that walk of shame,

just might lead to a miracle.



Strike a rock a thousand times,

and nothing.

One thousand and one,

and you just might get something.

Now I’m not trying to tell you to fall

on the sword

for every word.

But I can tell you what works for me.

Here’s what I heard.

(Repeat chorus)