Joey McIntyre Writes a Poem to His Son Griffin During One of His Baseball Games

We began falling in love with Griffin McIntyre when he was a child and he’d appeared on the stage with his father, wearing headphones bigger than his head, to sing the cutest “la la la la la, tonight.”

Then the kid grew up, and we got to see his talent as an actor and singer on Netflix’s sitcom “Country Comfort”, and our daughters and nieces started the journey we once did – over three decades ago – with his father.

Country Comfort wasn’t renew for a second season, but Griffin hit the stage once again during NKOTB’s latest concert on Fenway Park; this time, however, we saw a confident young man on the piano as if he were one of his fathers’s bandmates.

Since then, Griffin has been out of the spotlight; and this Friday night, his young fans watched him under new lights through his father’s IG stories, during a baseball game with his team “The Warriors”.

“The Kid can play”, shared Joey with a short clip, where we can see Griffin hit the ball and the excitement in the voice of his proud dad.

Joey also captured the moment with a short poem; the feeling of a father watching his son growing up, while appreciating the joy in the simple things.

“Baseball nights,
Friday night lights.
Mom gets older
And so do I
Let it rip, boys
Let it fly
Nothing more simple
than balls and strikes.
A pastime worth while
“Kid hit the ball a mile.”