Joey McIntyre: Reminiscing About the Magic Summer Tour from Cape Cod

He meditated while sharing his gratitude to us for being for him when he needed us, and then again before going to Cape Cod with the macs. Take a look at the beginning of the Mac Summer.

One last “Namaste” from New York on Wednesday, a paranoid wait on Thursday, and then on Friday: the official beginning of the summer, and one special (very special) reminder of that July 19 of 1988, when the New Kids boarded their first tour bus for the Tiffany Tour.

Joey McIntyre. New York (NY) July 17, 2019 on Instagram Stories @joeymcintyre

On Saturday Joey shared the photos he was probably had been waiting to share for these past months: his happy boys! 

And then on Sunday – still reminiscing about that first and epic tour – Joey posted a photo of him and Tiffany and wrote, 

“31 years ago today #NKOTB had our first date on the #Tiffany tour in Iowa. We’ve shared a lot lately about how lucky we were to meet this young lady… here’s a little more:

What a thrill it was to watch her every night get such a reception on the #mixtapetour.

Her first entrance came when we ended our first set on the b-stage. I always peak back to the A stage to take it in… And to here that roar when the crowd caught that first glimpse of her rising out of the stage… it was everything. She’s got a massive heart and such a caring spirit that can’t help but shine. And then she went and say her as off every night. Amazing pipes. Like ridiculous.

She has such an amazing story of courage and survival and triumph that started at a very early age. And then that moment when she walked thru the crowd on “Coulda Been” was cinematic- stuff they make movies about but the real deal. Really something special.I love you, @tiffany_tunes. I/we literally can’t thank you enough.”