Joey McIntyre Reunites With Shoshana Bean at Billy Crystal’s “Mr. Saturday Night”

I honestly believe I’am about to hit a whole other level of anxiety for not being in New York. Billy Crystal returned to Broadway! Did you know that? Joey McIntyre has made my day with his Instagram Stories.

Making the most of his days in New York, as he himself is on stage at an off-Broadway show (for now 😉) “The Wanderer,” last night Joey attended “Mr. Saturday Night”, written by Billy Crystal, and starring him (as Buddy Young Jr.), a great cast and someone who #Bravehearts know very well: Shoshana Bean.

Joey McIntyre and Shoshana shared the stage on Broadway twice; in 2004 with “Wicked,” where Joey played Fiyero and Shoshana served as standby for the role of Elphaba; and then in 2019 with “Waitress The Musical,” which… you know all about it, right?

Anyways, Joey enjoyed the played, posted a few stories, met his long time friend and doesn’t know why they didn’t take a selfie 🙃

BTW: If you are not into theater (and if you are but you missed what I’m about to share), check out Billy Crystal’s one man show, “700 Sundays”; it is “exquisite.” You’re gonna laugh, cry and even learn a lot about the history of the blues and how he’s related to it! (which I didn’t know and blew my mind) It’s currently available on Apple TV, Amazon, and HBO Max.

Mr. Saturday Night is playing at the Nederlander Theatre (NYC). Get your tickets at