Joey, Griffin and Rhys, in the Cutest Interview for ET

We know how strong is the bond between Joey McIntyre and his children, but in this interview we learn so much more. They share with us an intimacy and honesty, which we may haven’t probably seen; not like this.


Joey and his sons, Griffin and Rhys, sat down at their house (don’t miss the gorgeous portrait behind the young men) for “Spilling the E-Tea”.

Joey got to ask them, what is their favorite thing about being their children; what is something they’ve done and gotten away with; what is their favorite and least favorite NKOTB song.

And Griffin and Rhys had their chance to ask questions as well. Such as, which is his favorite child; what are Joey’s plans for his upcoming 20th anniversary with Barrett; what is the best piece of advice Joey would have told himself at Griffin and Rhys’ age.

But that’s not all! Griffin and Rhys also interview each other! Has Rhys ever thought about getting into acting, like Griff and their dad?

We also get to listen Joe talking about being on the road. Joey McIntyre will be performing some NKTOB’s greatest hits as well as his own songs on his upcoming solo tour, the Solo Joe Summer Tour, kicking off on July 7, 2023.

The interview “Joey McIntyre Reveals His Favorite Kid and Asks Sons to Rate NKOTB songs“, aired on ET on June 13, 2023.