Joey McIntyre: “I study Spanish because I want to live in Spain”

Wondering why Joey has been taking Spanish lessons? He fell in love with Spain during his summer vacation, and it seems to be quite a crush.

Joey posted on Instagram what it seems to be his homework; here is what it says:

“Hi, my name is Joe and now I speak two languages; great! I live in New York but I’m from Boston, so I don’t like the Yankees at all. I study Spanish because I want to live in Spain in the future. I love that our class has so much diversity. I want to thank the class and the teacher Alicia for their patience. And finally… I have a question. Can I? Can I sing a song in Spanish for all of you?” At the end of the sheet, he wrote a song both in Spanish and English.

Now the question is… Who is changing their retirement plans, “now”? #Blockheads