November 8, 2019

Joey McIntyre: “I study Spanish because I want to live in Spain”

Joey McIntyre on Broadway
Joey McIntyre. Broadway, NYC. Mar 20, 2019

Wondering why Joey has been taking Spanish lessons? He fell in love with Spain during his summer vacation, and it seems to be quite a crush.

Joey posted on Instagram what it seems to be his homework; here is what it says:

“Hi, my name is Joe and now I speak two languages; great! I live in New York but I’m from Boston, so I don’t like the Yankees at all. I study Spanish because I want to live in Spain in the future. I love that our class has so much diversity. I want to thank the class and the teacher Alicia for their patience. And finally… I have a question. Can I? Can I sing a song in Spanish for all of you?” At the end of the sheet, he wrote a song both in Spanish and English.

Now the question is… Who is changing their retirement plans, “now”? #Blockheads

By Laly York

Just a life time Blockhead known as Laly