Joey McIntyre: Wrapping Up the Second Honey Moon

With the kids at camp, after the Mixtape Tour, Joey enjoyed with his wife a trip to Spain, and came back home for more time in Cape Cod and Donnie’s 50’s birthday party.

After his live video during his last night in Barcelona, Joey stayed off social media until the day after his wedding anniversary, when he posted on Instagram, “Happy Anniversary, baby. Xoxox (We were too busy loving each other yesterday and I forgot to post).”

A week later, on his way to Donnie’s birthday, he did some reading in the airport.

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Don’t wanna mess with this one either. #KiraMac

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And then we saw him with Barret, at Donnie’s Birthday.

Barret Williams Joey McIntyre Robin Thicke Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg, at Donnie Wahlberg’s Birthday Party. Aug 17, 2019 ©

Today, Joey showed up for a quick hello from Cape Cod, through his Instagram Stories and then shared what the little Macs – back with mom and dad – are doing :P.

Joey McIntyre on Instagram Stories. Aug 21, 2019

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