Joey McIntyre’s Surprise For His Daughter Kira’s 10 Birthday

The princess of the Block, who – according to Joey – was born “with great timing and gorgeous hair” turned 10 years old; and, besides the tea date she shares every year with her father, she received from her family two special gifts: an Instagram account and a great surprise for the gymnastic champion that she is.

Joey posted two photos of their father and daughter date saying,

“And this one is 10. ?
We have afternoon tea every year on her #birthday#HappyBirthday@kirakmcintyre. (She got an IG acct for her bday ?).
K, you are a powerhouse!!
Artist, writer, gymnastic NY State All-Around champion (sorry, had to stick that one in).
I love you, monkey!!! You’re the sun the moon and the stars. Always have been. Always will be.”

Kira’s Birthday Over the Years

Joey always loved to share Kira’s birthday on his Instagram; here are the first four birthdays he published.

For her 2nd birthday, she got her first tutu ☺️

On her 3rd birthday, daddy was drooling…

On her fourth birthday, Joey and Kira started their tradition

When she turned 5, daddy got all dressed up!

Kira’s Big Surprise

Thanks to Griffin, we got to witness Kira’s birthday surprise for this year; the family took her to a trapeze park!

Griffin McIntyre / IG Stories

Griffin shared his moves on his Instagram Stories ☺️