Joey McIntyre and The Measure of a Man’s Quotes

So… Joey shared on Instagram he’s reading “The Measure of a Man. A Spiritual Autobiography” by Sidney Poitier,… and I felt jealous.

I won’t have the pleasure to read that book anytime soon, so I went over GoodReads (I’m @lalyork there) and I read this quote:

β€œChild psychologists have demonstrated that our minds are actually constructed by these thousands of tiny interactions during the first few years of life. We aren’t just what we’re taught. It’s what we experience during those early years – a smile here, a jarring sound there – that creates the pathways and connections of the brain. We put our kids to fifteen years of quick-cut advertising, passive television watching, and sadistic video games, and we expect to see emerge a new generation of calm, compassionate, and engaged human beings?” 

A thousand times, yes! Joey has been talking about this, children today and what our responsibility is regarding their behavior. Did you know?

Reading that quote made me want to put away the book on neuroscience (and ADHD) I need to finish reading “yesterday”, and read Poitier’s instead πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ But! I’m doing pretty well with my schedule at, so I thought about sharing some quotes with you, and maybe inspire you to reflect upon life (we all need that!), and to read it and give me more quotes πŸ™ƒ

“The Measure of a Man. A Spiritual Autobiography” by Sidney Poitier is available on Amazon. Kindle version available $ 8,99

Sidney Poitier Quote on Change

β€œA person doesn’t have to change who he is to become better.”

β€œYou don’t have to become something you’re not to be better than you were.” 

Sidney Poitier Quote on Courage, Cowardice and Life

β€œWe’re all somewhat courageous, and we’re all considerably cowardly. We’re all imperfect, and life is simply a perpetual, unending struggle against those imperfections.” 

Sidney Poitier Quote on Anger and Forgiveness

β€œI’ve learned that I must find positive outlets for anger or it will destroy me. There is a certain anger: it reaches such intensity that to express it fully would require homicidal rage–self destructive, destroy the world rage–and its flame burns because the world is so unjust. I have to try to find a way to channel that anger to the positive, and the highest positive is forgiveness.”

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