Joey McIntyre: “It’s All About Broadway”. The Move [Ep. 12]

With his mind on “Cabaret in Alaska”, Joey starts another episode on his own.

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For those of you who don’t know, he begins clarifying, he’s doing “Cabaret, in Alaska” (as in, in “Alaska”) and that’s where his mind is at. The rehearsal is going to be in LA, and he’s only going to be there for ten days.

He mentions he’s decluttering his house and how good it makes him feel; “the shows at Hotel Cafe have been sublime; I’ve learned so much”, he says, helping us to catch up with everything that’s going on in his life and how he’s feeling about the new chapter he’s about to open in The Big Apple.

And he’s going to New York this weekend! He’ll be singing at an event for Broadway Cares; and as he share this news, he recalls his time in Broadway doing Tic Tic Boom and talks about all the shows he wants to attend since he’s going to be in Manhattan alone.

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