Joey McIntyre Meets Fans After His Theater Play Was Cancelled

Only for two nights! The Wanderer had two cancel two shows due to Mike Wartella’s “serious bronchitis and a sinus and throat infection” (*), and Joey McIntyre could not stay away from their fans’ love. ☺️

“Couldn’t Stay Away From Your Love” by Joey McIntyre (Stay The Same, 1999)

When the news that “The Wanderer” needed to cancel a couple of shows, Joey McIntyre posted immediately a heads up on his Instagram account on Tuesday, a day he seized to enjoy with his son Griffin McIntyre.

He wrote, “Might be the first to announce and maybe not my place to do so, but I take it personally when my supporters and Blockheads travel many miles to come see.”

JM, IG Stories, Apr 12, 2022

And indeed he took it personally. The next day at noon, he posted an apology on Twitter, but a fan (1) wasn’t happy about the news since she couldn’t be back for the new dates. So, he “slid” into her DMs and also reached out to all the fans with tickets for the shows that had been cancelled, asking them to tweet him back with the hashtag #JoeMacAKAJohnny.

What happened next? The fan and her girlfriend got to attend a “Joe show.”

JM, IG Stories, Apr 13, 2022

(*) Since the official account of “The Wanderer” only mentioned a “non-COVID-related cast illness,” Mike Wartella explained on his Instagram Stories that it was him who was ill, apologizing to the fans and thanking them for their support.

Mike Wartella, IG Stories, Apr 13, 2022

(1) Mention of the fan’s twitter handle has been removed at her request. This post title, has also have been changed removing the word “date”, at her request.