Joey McIntyre: “The Duke is Almost Done”

It seems like yesterday that he was practicing Shakespeare on a Central Park bench, that we met the beautiful family of Two River Theater. Now it’s time to say goodbye.

With two more nights ahead, Joey took a walk in Asbury Park (a small seaside city on the New Jersey coast), snapped a few pictures a called himself, “Jersey Joe.” Then at night, he shared one more picture from the dressing room, saying, “The duke is almost done.”

On his latest LIVE video, where he shared the news about Griffin’s new show on Netflix, Joey said about performing at the Two River Theater, “It’s been an awesome time here, in Red Bank. A few more shows left; come and see us if you can; if not, come to another show here.”

He also showed his gratitude to everyone, “Thanks to everybody who’s come down here, and thanks to everybody who’s sent their love. This production has been great”

“Twelfth Night” will close its curtains tomorrow, Feb 2, but we have plenty more Jersey Joe to see on stage, since he’s already committed for this spring to do “The Wanderer” (also in New Jersey) at the Papermill Playhouse.

Huge congrats to everyone at the Two River Theater! Break a leg, two more nights ????