Joey McIntyre: Two Days, Two Songs

As he plans his upcoming for this 2023, Joey McIntyre is also working on new music, and he’s doing it fast.

Joey McIntyre hasn’t been on the road by himself for almost two decades; and even though he has never stopped writing and that he even released a couple of singles in the past years, his latest solo album “Come Home for Christmas” is from 2011.

Singles such us “Own This Town” (2020) and “Prolific” (2021) could finally find a home in McIntyre’s new album, because for what he has been posting on his Instagram account, he’s working on more than a few songs.

On his latest Instagram Story, Joey posted, “Feel so good to be doing this again. Been too long. Thanks, Sean! Two days two songs. Let’s go!!”

Joey McIntyre, IG Stories, Feb 23, 2023