Whatever Night You Want It To Be. Ep 2

This episode was recorded before the current protests. Joey explained on Instagram:

“This could be seen as toned deaf… however, it’s important for me to continue to do my job. And for now, part of that job is to be creative and share it. This episode was filmed before the current protests so it is not referenced. I believe also that it is my job to stand up against injustice. I am a loving witness to people of color and the change that is so painfully overdue.
But here I, along with my dear friend @gabelopez, provide you a small pause to entertain you and recharge your battery so you can go back and fight the good fight.”

@JoeyMcIntyre, June 3, 2020

That being said, Joey starts this second episode with a dream: in a world where there’s no pandemic or quarantine, he’s in a bar offering to take care of the next round and asking for another order of meatballs, because he loves Jimmy’s balls

It’s his touch, his signature, to deliver a concert showcasing his amazing voice among comedy sketches. Shall we call it a “Variety show?”… I believe that in the search for an answer to this question he came up with the most original title for it: “Whatever Night You Want it to Be.”

“Live, sort of, from somewhere in Hollywood”, Adam Ray introduces Joey and his featured guest Gabe Lopez on the keyboard.

And so, they start with Elton Jon’s “Rocket Man” with a little twist on the lyrics; “I miss the earth so much, I miss my life” sings Joey, “it’s lonely in this place,” taking us in a nostalgic journey to the world we used to know. He described the performance as “a nod to where we are in the world.” 

Among hilarious conversations (like the discussion regarding Gabe watching movies, on mute, while he plays for Joey), Joey recalled that years ago Fred Schneider, from B-52’s, did a cameo on “National Anthem of Love” from the Album Meet Joe Mac.

They also played George Michael’s “A Different Corner” (from the Albums “Music from the Edge” and “The Final”, 1986) and Joey hit every single note elegantly… breathtakingly (so much that Gabe didn’t watch a movie while playing the piano) And finally, a very special rendition of Wyclef Jean’s “Grateful.”

On a final note, Joey said to Gabe “We gotta make some new music;” should we start hashtagging now…? (and yeah, that’s a word)