Joey McIntyre is Working on New Music

After almost seven years of stepping in a studio on his own, Joey is back “thinking dramatically of the next lyrics”.

Joey began his solo career in 1999 – after the breakup of the New Kids On The Block in 1994 – and he did it with Stay The Same, a CD consisting of 13 tracks which he wrote (except for one) and produced with bandmates Donnie Wahlberg and Danny Wood.

He didn’t stop since then, releasing Meet Joe Mac (2001), One Too Many (2002), 8:09 (2004) and Talk to Me (2006). In 2009, after having reunited with the New Kids On The Block in 2008, Joey released Here We Go Again (a 7-track CD filled with dance) and a holiday album in 2011, Come Home For Christmas.

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Over the following years, Joey focused himself on new music and touring with his bandmates, while pursuing his acting career both in the small and the big screen. His latest work on TV was “Return of The Mac”, a scripted comedy series where he played a version of himself (along with his real-life family), which aired for one season on Pop TV.

Now he is back in the studio, “dramatically thinking of the next lyrics” as he writes on his Instagram account. All we know so far about this new project, is that we won’t have to wait too long to hear it and that Joey is working on it with someone else.

Joey McIntyre has the voice, the looks, the talent and he owns the stage every time he steps on it; he can write his own music and his own TV show, and still, it feels like he never gets the spotlight he deserves. Could this be the time? We certainly hope so.