July 4, 2019

Joey McIntyre: What Are Your Plan for this Summer?

Joey McIntyre. NYC, Apr 23, 2019

Photography by @joeymcintyre

In this live video, Joey had to take the highway due to the lack of bike paths surrounding Mohegan Sun; however, the training could help him for the plans he already has for this summer. The Mixtape Tour is almost over after all!

Normally he doesn’t take the highway with his bike, but this time he had no choice; he mentions, “I think that they should work on a bike path, work on implementing a bike path in all this pretty land around here by the river. I guess that wouldn’t work because they want them to be inside gambling and having fun inside”

However, for him, it’s an opportunity to take it to the next level; her sister Alice is – as he says – “a big biker” and she has already plans for them at Cape Cod. Check it out!

By Laly York

Just a life time Blockhead known as Laly