Jon Knight and Harley Rodriguez on The Amazing Race?

Even though it’s not official yet, last year on March Jon left a few hints that we can now confirm.

While the New Kids were getting ready for their concert at the Orpheum theatre, on March 2013 Jon was asking us on Twitter,

“What reality show could you see me on? @AmazingRaceCDA? @AmazingRace_CBS? a gay Bachelor? Or a stint on Days of our Lives to kill Stefano”

 @JonathanRKnight, March 23, 2013

Just a few days ago, Jon wrote on Twitter that he was going on his annual vacation with Harley. Was that a clue? And on Nov 7, he tweeted he had finished packing and that he was grateful for the invention of the DVR so he wouldn’t miss an episode of The McCarthys.

Thanks to and the picture they shared of Jon and Harley on an airplane, today we can assume that Jon was negotiating his participation in the reality along with Harley.


Excited? This should be fun!