Jon Knight Announces New Premiere Date for Farmhouse Fixer (Kind of)

Ok. It wasn’t an announcement “per se” but it came from the mouth (fingers on mobile) of Jon; ergo, it counts as an announcement.

On his latest Instagram Post, Jon shared a photo with the Farmhouse Fixer’s crew after having wrapped up another episode; he said,

Can’t believe how lucky I am to be surrounded by so many good hearted team players! …From our production team, one bad a** interior designer, an amazing contractor, my business partner, and a creative genius… then add all the amazing homeowners that turn their homes over to us! There are so many skilled craftspeople behind the scenes making this all come together! I admire and respect you all!

— Jon Knight, IG, Sep 25, 2020

But of course, it’s not the content of his post what matters to us the most right now but what’s “in the comments” (because, yeah, we don’t miss a thing!) In answer to the user “malhabit” who asked when the show will air, Jon said,

“Covid threw us a loop. Now slated to air first quarter of 2021.”

Jon Knight, in reply to to his IG post from Sep 25, 2020

So, there you go! How is your anxiety’s level?

Jon on Instagram