A Week In the Farm of Farmhouse Fixer, Jonathan Knight

Since Jon returned from his summer vacation with Harley, he’s been pretty active on social media. So, how about checking in with the cool things he’s been sharing?

The Farmhouse Fixer’s Life

Luci and Indie have been working along farmhouse fixer ☺️, and they are being leash training! I didn’t know one could leash train a goat, and I’m beginning to think about getting a farm so I can adopt goats ?

Jon and Harley’s new babies were adopted from “Goats To Go,” a family-owned and -operated service that supports weed and brush removal projects, as well as events such as Talks & Workshops, Goat Hikes, and Goat Yoga & Snuggle classes with their baby fainting goats.

Jonathan Knight and Harley Rodriguez’s New Baby Already in the Modeling Path May 26, 2021 - 3-month old, Ms. Lucy, has everything to become an Instagram influencer for Goats To Go

On Wednesday, Jon shared a clip of his garden… Don’t you think this must be how heaven looks like?

Jon Knight and the Serenity Garden May 22, 2020 - Finding joy in the simple things, Jon spends the quarantine keeping the social distance with his family while working on his new garden.

Movie and TV Shows Recommendations

One movie on Netflix, and the “Shark Week” Jon waits for every year. From Netflix, he recommended “Cuba and The Cameraman”, a documentary which focuses on three families and their life in Cuba over the course of 45 years. It has 8.3 on IMBd!

Regarding “Shark Week” – which is streaming on Discovery Plus, just like Farmhouse Fixer ? – Jon put an emphasis on how vital sharks are to our oceans’ ecosystem.

Jon Knight

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