The Alpaca Whisperer Finally Has Alpacas To Whisper To

Do you remember when in 2017 Jon called himself the “Alpaca Whisperer”? He posted a photo on his IG, where he’s near a fence whispering to two Alpacas, with the caption, “My neighbor said “They are afraid of people and won’t come near you” ……..ok dude whatever.”

Little we knew he loved Alpacas so much! But then we got a hint when in 2020; while he was shooting Farmhouse Fixer, he shared another photo of him with Alpacas saying, “Early morning meetings with @kristinacrestindesign are so much more fun when Alpacas are involved.”

Now, on the season finale of Farmhouse Fixer, we come to understand that probably that day Jon’s dream came true… Watch!

Doesn’t it make you want to move to Boston and get a farm only to have Alpacas? ?