Watch! Jon’s Audition Tape for “Farmhouse Fixer” Pilot

Jon has been shooting a pilot for a new TV show on HGTV, “Farmhouse Fixer”, we are closer than ever to finally watch it and we even got a preview!

We learned about it on October 19, when he posted on Instagram, “It’s been an amazing journey to get here. Looking forward to sharing this pilot with everyone.”

This past Thursday, Jon told us that amazing journey began with Stella, sharing a gif and saying “The home audition tape that kicked it all off! Now that we finally wrapped I need to thank Stella for helping me get this pilot! Fingers crossed it makes it on air #FarmhouseFixer”

During the NKOTB cruise 2018 (October 18-22) Jon gave a preview of the pilot. Farmhouse Fixer is set to air in 2019.