Jonathan Knight and Harley Rodriguez’s New Baby Already in the Modeling Path

It shouldn’t surprise us that a successful parent with a lifetime in the entertainment industry, may expect their children to follow the same path. Some parents are reluctant to it and prefer to keep their kids out of the spotlight, but Jon and Harley’s new baby, Ms. Lucy, is already showing signs of stardom and that is something we cannot overlook.

But one may wonder, what does it take to become a celebrity? Three attributes, if you ask me: talent, charisma and a cause; and Ms. Lucy, may have them all.

1. She Demonstrates Gymnastic Skills

At only 3 months old, Ms. Lucy has already mastered the balance beam, said proud father Jonathan Knight on an non-exclusive Instagram Post (available with your free Instagram account)

The fact that she’s giving her father “major FU vibes,” clearly demonstrates that she’s already exhibiting signs of a strong character. Lack of charisma? I say #GoatGirlPower

With the guidance of her parents, there’s no doubt that she’ll grow up to be a sweet and inspirational Instagram influencer.

2. She’s a Contestant in America’s Next Top Goat Model

“America’s Next Top Goat Model”, streaming on Instagram at #AmericasNextTopGoatModel, has already – to this date – twelve participants, and Ms. Lucy looks like she’s the one who’ll be coming home with the price.

In a series of shots published by her father Harley Rodriguez, she exhibits a gorgeous earring and rocks her poses like a pro. One may wonder… Why putting a hole in her ear at such a young age? Well, it is a custom in the latin community; even baby humans are pierced right after they are born.

On the last shot Ms. Lucy is taking the spotlight and leaving her sister Betty almost out of the frame, showing a clear sign of “Diva in the making.” She knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it.

4. She Stands for Goats to Go

Ms. Lucy and her sister Betty stand for “Goats To Go,” which – as we can read at their official site – “is a family-owned and -operated service that supports weed and brush removal projects, as well as events such as Talks & Workshops, Goat Hikes, and Goat Yoga & Snuggle classes with their baby fainting goats.”

“Goats To Go” is located at Great Rock Farm in Georgetown (MA).

If you’d like to support Ms. Lucy on her cause, please follow Goats To Go:

on Instagram:

on Facebook:

(*) This article has been brought to you by “Get Farmhouse Fixer a Season 2…, for the love of goats!”

Farmhouse Fixer on Rock The Block Season 4

Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin, from HGTV’s successful show “Farmhouse Fixer”, are among the competitors of the upcoming new season of Rock the Block.

jonathan knight and kristina crestin on Rock the Block season 4

The fourth season of Rock The Block, hosted by Ty Pennington, premiered on March 6, 2023. During the competition, “each team will have six weeks and a $250,000 budget to renovate identical properties situated in a rustic Colorado landscape and morph them into luxurious homes.”

Besides Jon and Kristina, representing “Farmhouse Fixer,” the other competitors are: Renovation Island‘s Bryan and Sarah Baeumler; deluxe design experts Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle (Luxe for Less); and real estate broker and house-flipping expert Page Turner and Fix My Flip‘s Mitch Glew.