Help Jonathan Knight as He Brainstorms Ideas for a New Show

On Sunday night, Jon asked on twitter for opinions on workshops we’d love to do. Here’s all we know so far.

What Did Jon Say?

“What are workshop experiences you would love to do…. I.E., cooking classes where everyone participates and then eats together, soap making classes, Xmas wreath making, making maple syrup, knitting, baking classes, floral arranging…. you get the idea!”

Is He Hosting a New Show?


Could We Go to His House?

He said no, …, with five exclamation points and two emoji’s…Which is funny, and consequently means, “maybe.”

Which Are the Ideas So Far?

To name a few: how to fix car! Acrylic painting, vegan cooking; does wine tasting count? Crocheting, sushi-making, how not to kill a plant (watering the green thing in the pot) Calligraphy, cookie decorating, pottering, making lotions, and a personal favorite: Netflix marathonning.

Join the conversation on Twitter, and give Jon your idea!